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Pesoloco's Create-a-Civ

I have written the following tutorials:


Make Your Civ III Planes Move Like Civ II Planes

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One thing that first surprised me when playing Civ III is the changed interface of planes: Recon missions, bombing runs, etc.
The planes must stay in a city (or carrier) at all times. Unlike in civ I and II where the planes could move (but had to reach a city within a certain number of turns for refueling)

While I was working on creating an airplane unit, the E-3 Sentry, I needed a way to make the planes move over land.

This is how to do it:

  • Start CivEdit or Hacked CivEdit
  • Go to edit menu
  • Go to edit Units
  • Select a plane unit
  • take off the "immobile" ability
  • Give the plane "submarine" ("Invisible" in version 1.21) ability
  • Give the plane a move factor of 4 - 8, depending on the type of plane
  • Make sure Re-Base is still checked

This will allow you to fly your planes over land and water, and have an essentially unlimited range.

How to Add Buildings to a City's Aerial View

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This tutorial is divided into sections:


One of the features of the editor is the ability to add your improvements an wonders. This will allow you to build the buildings; however, they will not show up in the city aerial view. Many people on this forum have questioned how to do this. I have discovered a way.

Please see the attached picture showing a World Trade Center Wonder
(please do not critique the graphic. I just drew it up real fast to test this out)


For this tutorial, you will need a PCX graphics editor.
You will also need the Hacked Civ Editor


Although there is a graphics file for "Additional Buildings" I have found that adding images to it does not automatically cause them to show up in the game.

The workaround I propose is to take an existing wonder or improvement and rename it as your new improvement or wonder. Then you can edit the file that contains that improvement's graphics.

For the tutorial we will replace Shakespeare's Theater with the World Trade Center wonder.


Use the Civ Editor to create a new scenario.

From the tools menu, uncheck "Use Default Rules" and click OK.

Then go to the Edit menu and click on "Edit Rules"

Switch to the Improvements/Wonders tab.

Find Shakespeare's Theater

Hit Rename and type "World Trade Center"

Then set the stats for the new wonder:

cost: 150
requirement: corporation
req. improvement: bank
(add whatever stats you think are appropriate)

click Close and save your scenario.

exit CivEdit


Now that you have changed Shakespeare's Theater to World Trade Center in the bic file. It's time to change the graphics. This is done outside the editor. The editor is only for changing stats and names.

All of the building graphics are located in this subfolder:

\art\City View\Buildings

Wonders start with "WON -"
Small Wonders start with "SWON - "
Improvements start with "IMP - "
Files that end with "_sh" are the shadows of the graphics with the same name (but without _sh )

Each image has a suffix that tells what kind of terrain the building is on in the graphic
"-G" (Grassland)
"-P (Plains)
"-D" (Desert)
"-T" (Tundra)

The Palace improvement is one exception:
The suffix corresponds to the building style:
"-A" (American)
"-C" (Cave - no palace upgrades)
"-E" (European)
"-FE" (Far East)
"-MEA" (Mediterranean)
"-R" (Greco-Roman)

Some files hold the graphics for several buildings.

Find the file that corresponds to the improvement that you renamed.


The Shakespeare's Theater Wonder is located in the file:

I have attached my version of this file below.

(You may want to make a backup of this file before making changes to it)

Use a PCX editor, such as Paint Shop Pro, to open the image.

Erase the old wonder by selecting it with the Selection tool and pressing the Delete key.

Now draw your wonder. In the case of the example I drew the World Trade Center.

For images that have "cultures" in their name:
There are five slots. Each corresponds to a certain culture.
1st - American
2nd - European
3rd - Roman
4th - Mediterranean
5th - Far Eastern

The other images (except for palace) have four image slots. These image slots correspond to the different ages of time.
The first image is how the building looks in Ancient Times
The second image is how the building looks in Middle Ages
The third image is how the building looks in Industrial Age
The fourth image is how the building looks in Modern Times

When you have drawn your image. Save the file over the previous version.

Close your image editor


Now when you are playing the game and build your new wonder or improvement, you will see your new artwork in the city aerial view. Enjoy!


Use the editor to rename an existing improvement

  1. Set new stats
  2. Find the image file that corresponds to that improvement
  3. Draw the new improvement and save

I will be investigating the "Additional_Buildings.pcx" file to see if I can get it figured out. It seems that there are slots for ten new buildings. For now we'll just have to replace existing ones.


This chart will help you to find the corresponding graphics file for an existing improvement.  (To keep the list cleaner - prefixes and suffixes have been omitted )

Improvements (IMP)

Recycling Center Ages1.pcx
Factory Ages1.pcx
Granary Ages1.pcx
Courthouse Ages1.pcx
Library Ages1.pcx
Bank Ages1.pcx
Hospital Ages1.pcx
Police Station Ages1.pcx
Coal Plant Ages1.pcx
Manufacturing Plant Ages1.pcx
Mass Transit Ages1.pcx
Research Lab Ages1.pcx
SAM Batteries Ages1.pcx
Barracks Ages2-UP.pcx
MarketPlace Ages2-UP.pcx
Colosseum Ages4.pcx
University Ages4.pcx
Airport (Industrial) Airport-IND
Airport (Modern) Airport-MOD
Aqueduct (Ancient) Aqueduct-ANC
Aqueduct (Modern) Aqueduct-MOD
Temple Cultures1.pcx
Cathedral Cultures1.pcx
Harbor (Ancient) Harbor - ANC.pcx
Harbor (Middle Age) Harbor - REN.pcx
Harbor (Industrial) Harbor- IND.pcx
Harbor (Modern) Harbor - MOD.pcx
Offshore Platform Offshore.pcx
Palace Palace.pcx
Hydro plant PlantHydro.pcx
Nuke Plant PlantNuke.pcx
Solar Plant PlantSolar.pcx

Small Wonders (SWON)

Iron Works Ages2.pcx
Wall Street Ages2.pcx
Intelligence Ctr Ages2-UP.pcx
Military Acad Ages2-UP.pcx
Forbidden Palace Cultures4.pcx
Heroic Epic Monuments.pcx
Manhattan Proj Monuments.pcx
Battlefield Medicine Monuments.pcx
Pentagon Pentagon.pcx


Great Library Ages3.pcx
Great University Ages4.pcx
Leo's Workshop Ages4.pcx
Apollo Project Apollo.pcx
Colossus Colossus.pcx
Magellan's Exp. Cultures1.pcx
UN Cultures2-DOWN.pcx
Sistene Chapel Cultures2-UP.pcx
JS Bach Cathedral Cultures4.pcx
Shakespeare's Theater Cultures4.pcx
Hoover Dam Dam.pcx
Hanging Gardens Gardens.pcx
Great Wall GreatWall.pcx
Lighthouse LHAlex.pcx
Art of War Monuments1.pcx
Longevity Monuments1.pcx
Theory of Evolution Monuments1.pcx
Universal Suffrage Monuments1.pcx
Cure for Cancer Monuments1.pcx
Oracle Oracle.pcx
Pyramids Pyramid.pcx
SETI program SETI.pcx
Copernicus Obs SolarSys.pcx
Smith's Trading Co. TradingCo.pcx


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