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Pesoloco's Create-a-Civ


The Official Civilization III Web Site

This is the official Civ III web site filled with information on the game and downloads.


Civilization Fanatics Center

A major fan site for the entire Civilization series. Contains complete Civ news coverage, war academy, downloads, multiplayer list, timelines, forums, and galleries..


Apolyton Civilization Site

The latest news, forums, downloads, and strategies. Covers all Civilization games.


All Civ

A fan site with lots of information, downloads, and forums to discuss Civilization games.

Badger's CivEdit

A fan site designed for those who like to customize their Civilization games with new units, mods, and graphics.


The Guardian's Clan

A great site with a huge collection of custom units and downloads.  It also hosts forums and chat rooms.

  Aeplon: Civ 3 Fansite

Here you will find tons of stuff on civilization 3 gaming including reviews, news, patches, downloads, maps, and screenshots.

The July 26 Coalition

This discussion forum is the home for this team of unit creators who make "guerilla" units.

  Civ III Maps and Mods

A site with lots of maps and units, and other civ-related stuff.


Pesoloco Units In Action:

The following mods/scenarios feature my units:


Double Your Pleasure Mod

Govern and Make War
WW2 Mod, Including Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, new Units etc...
The Realism Epic
CubaMod 4.0 (with Argentina and Palestine)
Aliens Legacy
Future Scenario
Sween32's Guerilla Tactics Mod

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